Home and Away


Are you insured and licensed?

Absolutely! Home and Away is fully insured and licensed. You may look up our incorporation filing at www.sunbiz.org. We are also happy to supply you with our insurance information upon your request.

What happens during the time I am occupying the house?

There are no charges related to Home Watch while you are occupying the home.

Partial months are pro-rated to $25/visit. If you are utilizing our bill paying service those charges continue so that your other service providers invoices get paid.

How do I pay for the service?

We are happy to accept monthly payments via personal check, or we can provide you with details set Home&Away up as a payee on your online banking program.

How do I know you are going to the house when I am away?

After each visit we will text message or email you a few pictures along with a brief description as to what we found that day. If there is something specific you would like handled at your home please contact us prior to our visit. When we text a report we are normally en-route to our next stop and are not able to travel back to perform additional tasks.

What About Hurricane Shutters?

Records show that Florida is the state that receives the highest number of landfalling hurricanes. If you are away during hurricane season (June 1- Nov 30) we recommend that you install your shutters upon departure. Most of our customers who shutter their homes enjoy a savings on their summer cooling costs. Furthermore, shutters generally do seem to discourage break-ins, as breaking into a shuttered home is hard work. We can arrange to have your shutters installed upon your departure. Should you employ a “wait and see” approach we will not be able to help you once it becomes apparent we are going to be hit by an approaching hurricane. If you live in a gated community with HOA restrictions or if you use your home periodically through out hurricane season, we do have some other options that may work for you. Please call us to discuss those.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, once you agree to start the service, we will carry out the services you have chosen. We hope that you find Home and Away a service you just can’t live without however, if at any time you wish to stop service, you need only notify us and we will send you a pro-rated statement for any services completed from the time of your previous statement up until the cancellation date. Due to the sometimes unreliable nature of email we would like to request that you please phone us should you decide to cancel.

I rent out my home to vacation renters, how does your service work for me?

Fantastic! Our service is great for you. Many people who rent their home to vacationers already utilize websites like: www.vrbo.com, www.homeaway.com and www.greatrentals.com to name afew. These owners are happy to handle the paperwork part of rental, but need someone in-town to address all other aspects of their home’s maintenance.

That’s where we come in! We are happy to address the needs of your tenants as they arise. We arrange for cleaning after check-out. We care for the lawn and pool and we put your home on our regular maintenance schedule so that your home stays in tip-top shape. Please call us or email for more details. We think you’ll be thrilled with the ease of having our service.