Home and Away

Cape Coral Home Watch

Do you own or seasonally rent out a second home in Cape Coral, Florida?

When you close the door and walk away knowing you won’t be back for months, do you worry about how your home is faring?

Our Home&Away service will completely remove these ongoing concerns for you ensuring there are no unwanted surprises when you return.

What sort of things would you like to see off your “to-do” list when you return for the winter? Cleaning the house? Pressure easing the driveway and lanai? Spraying weeds in the pavers or ornamental beds? Finishing that “to-do” can takes weeks or more..

Home&Away is a professional, fully customizable home watch service, so although you are absent your home is minded.

Call us today or fill out the online form. We will be more than pleased to arrange a home watch plan suited to the way you use you’re home here in Cape Coral.

Home&Away is a Full Service Home Watch and Specialized Season Rental Management Company offering customized solutions for the “to-do” list jobs you would rather have someone else do. We can arrange and monitor House Cleaning,Grass Cutting, Lawn Care, Pool Cleaning, Pest Control, Hurricane Shutter Installation and more in Cape Coral, FL.