Home and Away


For your peace of mind, we have provided feedback of our service from some of our many happy clients in the Cape Coral area.

If you would like to submit your own feedback, please email us at Beth@absentbutminded.com

Richard and Karen G.

My husband and I bought our retirement home in Cape Coral, Florida in 2007 and since retirement was a few years away we decided to rent it as a vacation home.

We live in California and needed a Property Manager. Our realtor recommended Beth Waring. She is absolutely superb. We needed furnishings for our home everything from furniture to linens, kitchen appliances and decorations. She not only bought everything at the best prices available, consulting with me every step of the way but had utilities connected, and also provided a detailed list of everything in the house. Beth emails at least weekly with updates. All expenditures are documented with the receipts when she invoices bi-monthly.

Beth’s prices are very reasonable for all the services she provides. She makes sure the house is clean for each new guest, so clean that it draws favorable comments from all of the guests. She arranges for repairs quickly, getting the work done at reasonable prices and supervising to make sure we get high-quality workmanship. Beth checks the house frequently whether empty or occupied, emails the guests before they arrive, welcomes them when they arrive and she makes herself available to them on a 24-hour basis for emergencies.

We highly recommend Beth as a Property Manager for any property. Without her we might not have been able to keep the house when our retirement date was extended.

Bob and Dianne

Thank you for everything over the past few months, it has given us peace of mind knowing you were there looking after things.